Hey friend,

Thanks for wandering over to learn more about us! We are Lori and Michelle. We are twin sisters, besties and entrepreneurs. 

We have shared our lives over the past decade online and now are sharing our journey back to God as our faith was rocky for many years and we were deceived by the enemy.

Where do we start...

like most girls we struggled with our body image.

On top of that we suffered from digestive issues, skin issues and lacked confidence.

We became obsessed with food (we tried every type of diet and food trend out there, we binged ate, restricted and overate and everything in between) and we overexercised to keep us at a certain weight, as we feared getting fat.

Then our obsessions turned into being perfectly healthy leading us to missing periods for years and adult acne.

Michelle then got eczema and battled that while Lori was on her own journey of being a mom. She had two healthy pregnancies but after both suffered from diastasis.

We both overcome our battles by the grace of God.

But during those times we fell into false teachings and new age like practices, since we weren't rooted in God's word.

Jesus opened our eyes to the truth and now we are here to inspire others to open up the Bible and let Jesus work in them.

You can see more of our journey here.

Watch the video below to see our testimony back to Jesus after being in new age for years.


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