​Short effective faith-inspired workouts that fit into any busy schedule.

All workouts can be done at home, even with kids around.

Get the exact daily workouts we do and we do it all with you!

Yep every rep, so you are never alone!

Here is more about our home workouts:

  • Workouts are a combo of HIIT cardio + strength + deep core work that work your FULL-BODY so you can tone your body in less time.
  • Choose from a variety of follow along videos ranging in length from 10 minutes to 16 minutes, where you can pick and choose the workouts based on the time you have.
  • No super fancy equipment needed (dumbbells, resistance bands, mini exercise ball, jump rope, kettlebell, and chair) ** You do not have to have the equipment to do the workouts.
  • Custom programs for you to follow from providing you a workout schedule along with Scripture to go with it. New programs are coming soon inside like Move with Faith (program created for beginners), Power and Prayer (for those who want to go deeper in prayer life with powerful workouts), and more.


Come let the power of Jesus transform and heal you.

We believe in the power of hearing God's word and community.

Come join our movement of helping women of God be fit and healthy without the obsessions and grow closer to Him.


Come get fit for Christ

Wanna move your body at home and read the Bible chapter by chapter with us to keep yourself physically and spiritually strong for Him?

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