How we do our Bible studies?

We are taking it slow and going verse by verse. 

We film each video for you to watch on your own time. Come learn and have fun reading the Bible with us. Right now we are reading the Book of Matthew. We go chapter by chapter with you to help you meditate more on the Word and deepen your understanding so you know God better.

Wait there's more! Plus we do extra recap videos where we discuss even further some key concepts we are taking away to apply in our own lives. As the more you read and understand the Bible is key to knowing God and it will change your relationship with Him forever.


Let's read God's LIVING Word together and deepen our faith one chapter at a time. We living in a corrupted, broken world and NOW it is so important to stay in the Word daily to stay connected to our HOPE - Jesus.


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Come get fit for Christ

Wanna move your body at home and read the Bible chapter by chapter with us to keep yourself physically and spiritually strong for Him?

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